Hummer Ring - hand feeding humming birds
Hummerring Website special. $4.98 each.

Hummer Ring™ Awarded the 2017 Best Birding Functional Product!

Fireman Chris Smith, a serial inventor from Wauconda, Illinois, recently took home the award for 2017 Best Birding Functional Product as voted on by retailers at the recent Wild Bird Expo and Heart of America Gift Show. Retailers from 40+ states and several provinces of Canada overwhelmingly said, "This is a product our customers will love and buy." Other voting retailer's comments included, "I know our customers (especially seniors and children) will love the thrill of a hummingbird feeding literally out of their hand", and "What a great way to get kids away from their iPhones and interested in the joys of nature around them."

Smith commented, "I'm honored for the Hummer Ring™ to win this award and we look forward to introducing it this Christmas season and at January shows." The Hummer Ring™ is available in four colors (red, yellow, pink and purple) and holds 10 milliliters of nectar. A four-piece clear flexible glass trainer and resting station with easy fill syringe are available accessories. The ring is made of light yet durable and easy to clean (top shelf dishwasher safe) plastic so the ring stays light when in use on your finger.

Grant Toellner V.P. of Gold Crest Distributing who recently signed on to distribute the product for Smith commented, "Retailers were excited about the Hummer Ring™ and the videos Chris had of it in use. Orders were very strong for a great looking 24 and 48 piece P.O.P. display he offered at the Wild Bird Expo. Not only birding retailers but dozens of gift retailers purchased the rings and told us they believe it is a super hot selling new product that will be great for counter add-on sales, stocking stuffers, party favors for nature lovers and more."

Posted Date: 2017-11-22