Hummer Ring - hand feeding humming birds
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Trainer for Hummer RingsHow do I get the hummingbirds to feed from my ring?

Training! Fill the HummerRings with the nectar of your choice and place in a (BE107) Plastic Trainer. If you do not have a trainer then no worries! A flower pot, coffee cup, and number of other options work as well! Place the trainer and HummerRigns in a place that is easily accessible to Hummingbirds and close to where you plan on hand-feeding. Once the hummingbirds find the HummerRings you are ready to start feeding!

Can I make my own nectar?

Yes! A super simple method is to mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water. A great tool to help mixing and storing your homemade nectar is our Super Shaker Nectar Maker, which is found on our accessories page. You'll also find some great pre-mixed nectar made from the sugar that closely simulates flower nectar.

Is there any maintenance involved with these hummer rings?

Cleanliness is key for hummingbird feeders, including the Hummer Ring. But it is super simple! You'll just want to make sure that the "port" that the hummers actually feed from is clean. The Red Port Brush (on our accessories page) is perfect for that job.

Is this an appropriate gift for a child / grandchild?

Absolutely! The Hummer Ring is perfect for getting kids up and close with one of nature's most fascinating creature. With a little bit of patience (and stillness!), the hummers will feed right out of your child's hand.

I don't have hummingbirds in my yard right now. How do I begin to attract them so that I can use the Hummer Ring?

One of the best places to start is by watching this short video from our very own Bird Man Mel - "Attracting Hummingbirds"  and
our website article titled "Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds."